Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New school year!

So the last year of my undergraduate degree is about to start in less than two weeks! I'm really excited, and super terrified because that means its time to start getting ready for graduate school. Aside from that, a new school year means school supplies and new clothes!

I get to be a little nerdy and show off a couple things I got for the new year :)

This one excites me because I got to use my very limited scrapbooking skills to make a new cover for one of my binders. Not sure which class to use it for yet.

I also made the spiral on the left :) The middle book is my new planner and the blue spiral was just awesome.

Since it's my senior year I also get to give a senior recital, and it wouldn't be complete without the perfect dress. I found this awesome gem at a Dillard's on clearance because someone had returned it from an online purchase. It was quite the steal :)

Until next time :)


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