Saturday, October 9, 2010


So these next few months are going to be exciting! I don't have any picture or anything to post, but I just want to share my excitement for the upcoming trips I'm taking this year :). Next week, a couple friends of mine and I are going to Mississippi to play at least 5 worship services in three days! Super fun :) Over Thankgiving break, it'll be time for the Baylor Chamber Orchestra's week long tour in Belgium, which is going to be amazing! Spring break will be a week in Nashville on a mission trip with some fun church friends and unfortunately this isn't quite set in stone, but the plan is to go to Kenya in May for a community development mission trip for two weeks! I promise pictures will come from all of those trips :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So it's been way too long. Unfortunately, school has been the main culprit in my lack of posts. Nine classes really seems to keep me busy. However, I do have some good news! I actually have a picture of a drawing I did about a week and a half ago to show you! Yay!