Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sooo it's been a while since I posted, but it's mainly because music has kept me pretty well occupied. However, for those of you who are around reading, I'm still here and plan on updating once I get a substantial piece of work done. The good news is that in 3 days, I will re-move into my dorm room and decorate! If I decorate, I take pictures. Ergo, I can post them! My dorm room is mainly themed black and white with a few splashes of color here and there. I also am trying to incorporate a more sophisticated (as sophisticated as a dorm room can actually be) and vintage style to it...or more simply put, getting rid of the twilight poster and my hot pink sheets and replacing them with black sheets and a beautiful poster.

She's fabulous, and it will go very well with my chandelier.

Jill Marie

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