Sunday, July 25, 2010

I want to use this blog as an opportunity to post my photos because Facebook is well, lame and used for basically everything but blogging. I want something specifically geared towards my photography, art, and pieces from other artists that I enjoy. By no means am I trying to be a professional photographer because first and foremost, I am a musician. This is just a place to post my hobby, and for those of you who actually read these, I hope you enjoy.

If you haven't noticed yet, I love nature and all of the beauty that is in it. I take photographs of flowers particularly because the detail in just one flower is exquisite and deserves to be recognized, even if it is just a dandelion. However, I did try and branch out from flowers, and the result is a little unsettling. Ahem..Mr. Snake...

As girly and superficial as it sounds, I have a complete love for fashion. Well, particularly clothing because I definitely do not invest a lot in purses and such. My closet is literally color coded so I can find everything. It's a problem. I'd like to think I don't buy clothes just to look good, but also because I believe your clothing can be a way to show your personality. I honestly do enjoy figuring out how to put pieces, colors, textures, and styles together to form a small, yet unique glimpse into my personality. I mean come on, you can't seriously think my whole personality is shown through my clothes, how lame would that be?

By the way, this is Kathryn again. She is sporting a lovely black number with some Ann Marino heels next to the Draper Academic Building at Baylor University.

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